2013 Survey Results

In September, 2013, a survey was sent to all PLS members. Twenty-nine members responded. Here are the results of the survey.


Proposed By-Law Changes

PLS will consider some by-law changes at our 2013 annual meeting. Please see the suggested changes: PLS By laws – Proposed Changes.

2013 Spring Retreat – Cancelled

April 10–

9:00        Registration begins

10:00     “Talkin’ to the Man: How to Talk to Your City Government” – Kelly Fann, Director, Tonganoxie Public Library and Robert Peter, City Administrator, Ellinwood
Do you cringe every time you have to approach your governing body? Learn how to make those conversations “Win-Win.”

11:00     Kansas Legislative Issues — Jennie Rose, KLA Legislative Liaison and Gail Santy, Chair, KLA Governmental Affairs Committee

11:45     Lunch

1:15        Unconference – Three sessions to be determined by participant interest

4:45        “What If It Isn’t Working Out?” — Stephen Lusk, Human Resources Director at Topeka Shawnee County Library
With many years of experience in Human Resources, Stephan Lusk is an expert on dealing with working relations (and “not working” relations).  This kind and gentle soul, who gets tough when he needs to be, will share with you the steps needed to successful handle problem employees.

5:30        Dinner

Evening events planned by PLS committee: Lee Dobratz, Julie Hildebrand, Sharon Ailsleiger

April 11–

8:00        Breakfast

9:00        “The ‘New’ Face of Mentoring” — Patti Poe, NEKLS Continuing Education Coordinator
What we’ve learned about mentoring in the last 20 years can help you be more successful, confident, and satisfied in your own career – while also supporting your colleagues and your own library organization. Join us for a fun, interactive AND reflective session guaranteed to change the way you think about mentoring.

11:00     “Border Relations” — Jennifer Cook, Kristin Soper, and Karen Allen, Lawrence Public Library
The Lawrence Public Library is exiled in an old Borders building while a new library is being constructed. Hear about how they kept their community engaged with daily deals while they were closed for two weeks to relocate and how they have partnered with local organizations and businesses in an effort to provide stellar service while on the move.

12:00     Lunch

Retreat begins with registration 9 am Wednesday & ends after lunch on Thursday.

Cost for PLS members: $75 for shared room or $80 single room

Non—members: $85 for shared room or $100 single room


Sign—up on KLA online store: http://kslibassoc.org

**Join us for Networking, Learning , and Fun!**

2010 PLS Business Meeting Minutes

Public Library Section Annual Meeting
April 9, 2010, 8:00 a.m.
Hyatt Regency, Wichita

I.  Welcome and Approval of the Agenda – Ruth Rodden, Section Chair
II. Minutes of the 2009 Meeting – Ken Werne, Section Vice-President
III. Introduction of the New Officers -Ruth Rodden
Ken Werne, Chair
Gail Santy, Vice-Chair/Chair Elect
Jeff Imparato, Secretary
IV. Financial Membership
Members -94 (membership renewal change)
Financial Statement (July 1 – March 31, 2010) – $4,181.73
KLA financial situation update
V. Section Activities
2009 Retreat Report
KLA Conference Program Sponsorship
2011 Fall Retreat Planning
VI. Legislative Issues
VII. Being Creative in Tough Times

Breakfast commenced at 8:00 and Ruth Rodden, Section Chair called the meeting to order at 8:30.  Ruth recognized Jo Budler, Kansas State Librarian, who attended the meeting.
Joyce Armstrong moved to approve the agenda.  Greg Wamsely seconded the motion, motion passed.
Ruth also gave a nod of thanks to Sharon Moreland for doing such a fine job as Section Chair last year.  Ruth noted it was easy to follow Sharon’s example of leading the section and keeping the PLS Section blog up-to-date with such incredible detail.

Ken Werne, Section Vice-President presented the minutes of the 2009 meeting.
Dalene Hawthorne moved to accept the minutes as read.  Grace Helm seconded.
Ruth presented information on PLS members – 94, and presented the PLS financial statement, current as of March 31, 2010.
Discussion on cost of PLS membership.  KLA reported the increase in dues was $10, members voted to increase dues to $8 at the 2009 business meeting.
Ken Werne will correct the 2009 Business Meeting Minutes to reflect the $8 actual membership dues cost.
A friendly amendment was proposed.  Dalene accepted.  Grace Helm seconded.  Minutes of the 2009 business meeting accepted as amended.

Ruth introduced the new officers.

Ruth presented the financial statement and proposed budget for 2010-2011.
Cindy Hickey moved to accept the budget.  Joyce Armstrong seconded.  Budget accepted as presented.
Ruth presented information about the Kansas Library Association financial situation.  Currently there is a shortfall of $28,000.  This is primarily because: institutional memberships are not being paid, individual memberships are behind, and conference attendance is down by almost half when compared to previous
years.  KLA requests a loan from the various sections to cover the 28K shortage to be repaid as soon as KLA is able.  A spirited discussion ensued.  Items discussed: PLS goals, an open-ended loan vs. an outright donation to KLA, an examination of the KLA budget and expenses – is this an immediate need?, the long term issue of budget shortfalls, and does KLA have a financial plan for the future.  It was then shared with PLS that a second motion had been made by KLA Council to “take” the money if a loan or donation was not approved.  Further discussion took place.
Cheryl Canfield moved PLS will not formally approve a loan of section money until presented with financial information and an operational plan that includes procedures for repaying the loaned money.  Jim Minges seconded.  Discussion included not sounding so adversarial.  A friendly amendment was  accepted to change the wording:  PLS will consider the request for a loan of section money contingent upon receipt of financial information and an operational plan that includes procedures for repaying the loaned money.  Ruth called for a vote.  The motion did not pass.

Kim Beets moved that due to lack of details regarding the financial situation of KLS and an actual repayment process, and due to the fact that the number one goal of the Public Library Section is to hold a bi-annual retreat for which we need our current funding, at this time we are saying no to the request for a loan.  Cathy Newland seconded.  Motion passed.

A discussion of the frequency of the Kansas Library Association conference took place.  It was suggested we send a message to KLA or to scale back the conference to fewer days.  Cindy Hickey suggested KLA look at how they/we provide delivery of services, and perhaps a hybrid conference would be appropriate.  All agreed this is a good time to rethink PLS goals, develop a strategic plan, reconsider how we deliver continuing education, and networking opportunities.

Cathy Newland moved PLS establish a task force to get information from KLA and to draft a PLS strategic plan with input from all members to establish our own goals.  Pat Clements seconded the motion.  After discussion, a friendly amendment was accepted and the motion carried.
Ruth called for volunteers to form the task force.  Diana Weaver, Pat Clements, Jeff Imparato, Chris Rippel, Gail Santy, Dalene Hawthorne, Cindy Hickey, and Ken Werne will form the task force.

Ruth gave a report on the 2009 PLS fall retreat held at the Spiritual Life Center in Wichita.
Ruth and Gail reported on the PLS sponsored session, “Think Outside the Barn” at the 2010 KLA conference.  Gail will write a synopsis of the session and to the PLS blog and Kanlib-l.

Planning for the 2011 PLS retreat is tabled until the task force reports back to the membership.

No legislative issues were discussed as Roseanne Siemens was not present at the meeting.
Being Creative in Tough Times was not discussed as time was running short.

Kathy Rippel moved to adjourn.  Joe McKenzie seconded.  Meeting adjourned.

Terry, Jeff, Patti and Maggie – Job Seekers

Topeka & Shawnee Public Library has a new Jobs & Careers Neighborhood, including reference in proximity.  They started circulating some career books, but included books from throughout the collection about:

  • career exploration
  • job success (for women)
  • time management
  • networking
  • job search
  • difficult coworkers
  • career development (stress, advancement, etc.)
  • job loss
  • resumes – don’t write it from scratch…use a resume program if it’s available
  • cover letters
  • interview tips – work with Human Resources to know what you can/can’t ask and how to dress, for example
    • Job 101 Class – Terry and HR Rep
      • How to Dress
      • Compiling a Resume (10 must haves and “never go ins”)
      • Possible interview questions and strategies – couching on how to sell yourself to an employer
      • (Questions you shouldn’t be asked)
      • Courtesy and deportment – eye contact, hand shakes, etc., thank you email for interview
      • 1 1/2 hours with high participation
      • Tell the employer that you want the job and don’t ask about the salary…and the patron Terry gave that advice to came back to say she’d gotten a job (helping people get jobs) – great story
  • Winway Resume on all public access computers in Topeka
  • Unemployment pushes many people to go into business for themselves!
    • Topeka Small Business Center works with Library to offer FULL classes
  • Workforce Center – new Kansas Registered Apprenticeship program (wind energy field/industry is training people in all aspects and are offering paid internships!)  Just getting off the ground.

Maggie from Olathe Public Library (on the fly panelist)

  • Problems with patrons applying for Kansas Unemployment prompted the start of appointments – ‘Book a Librarian’ program
  • Media attention!  Originally just for helping with Unemployment b/c of the computer aspects
  • For many people, the online form is their first use of a computer…so they don’t have  a pre-existing Email Address!
  • A plus – you don’t get kicked off when you need to go get an email address mid-stream
  • A minus – there’s a lot of information that the patron needs, like gross income data
  • The form has 6 security questions – another foreign concept for a new computer user
  • By using the appt system, there’s time set aside to work with the patron
  • How long does the form take?  Motivated – 1 hour, 3 hours with problems
  • Normally, patrons have 1 hour on the computer, but extensions are given
  • Rewarding for the librarian –
    • A few hiccups – appts used for payday loans and genealogy, not unemployment
  • How long in advance for an appointment? 5 minutes, if someone is available.  A few no-shows and late comers
  • If someone can’t type, do you type for them?  Try not to do that at Olathe, but in a few cases she’s done a little

Patti – State Library of Kansas

Public Libraries: The Economy Issue

The July/August 2009 issue of Public Libraries (vol 48, no. 4) came this week and it’s full of great ideas and thought-provoking stories.  Get your hands on a copy, if you can.

The Perspectives section, Three Views (p. 8), shares interviews from the Directors of the Joliet (IL) Public Library, Shaker Heights (OH) Public Library and Durham County (NC) Library.  The answers were very similar – people are flocking to public libraries to use computers or just to get out of the house.

So I wondered, how would Kansas librarians answer these questions?

  • What’s the biggest way the economic recession has affected your library?
  • Hoave you had any staffing cuts or reduction in hours?
  • Have you noticed a change in the way patrons are using your library as a result of the recession?
  • Are you offering new programming to help your patrons weather the recession?
  • Have you tried any public awareness campaigns that have worked to bring additional support or revenue to the library?

-Sharon Moreland

SLK Thriving in Tough Times

State Library of Kansas Resources for

Thriving in Tough Times


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