Annual filings for KLA

Pls1 Elected Officers with Contact Info 2012-2013 (.docx) or (.pdf)

PLS2 Dues (.docx) or (.pdf)

PLS3 Current By laws

PLS4 2010-2011 PLS Budget – YTD (.xlsx) or (.pdf)

PLS5 Goals (.docx) or (.pdf)

PLS6 Annual Report 2010-2011 (.docx) or (.pdf)


Document #4 – Minutes from annual breakfast/business meeting

With a big THANKS! to Diana Weaver for recording them….

PLS Business Meeting Minutes 2011

Documents #2 and #3 promised at Conference – membership survey

2010-2011 KLA-PLS Budget YTD

Highlights from KLA Council Meeting – Jan. 21, 2011

KLA Council Meeting (via Elluminate) – Jan. 20, 2011 – Highlights

(1)   2nd Quarter Financial Report – Cynthia Berner-Harris, Treasurer

  • YTD Balance = $34,848.29 (includes $4,000 in donations from the KLA Educational Foundation for conference and $18,000 from the regional systems for advocacy)
  • Total Assests = $88,888.65 = $34,848.29 (KLA) + $40,780.56 (Sections & Roundtables) + $13,257.29 (Paypal (reserve account))
    • Assets Report for PLS shows a YTD balance of $4,366.43
  • Finance Study Group is working on reformatting the reports to make them easier to understand.  Also working on a proposed budget & would appreciate any feedback.
  • Trying to move the organization to a position so it is not as reliant on conference.  Live from the base budget and let conference take care of itself.

(1)   President’s Report – Emily Sitz

  • Membership cards sent out today. Working on correcting roster in Avectra.
  • Online membership meeting on Feb. 1 (approximately 1  hour long)
    • Updates from study teams
    • Introduction of new legislative liaison & a report from her
    • Budget report from KLA Educational Foundation
    • Send any additional agenda items/suggestions to Emily
  • Study teams met and shared information & thoughts.
  • KLA will hold mock interviews at conference for students. 1st step in engaging students.
  • Need to update organization manual.

(1)   Moving annual conference to a Fall calendar

  • Better for KLA finances with more time to make corrections with conference in front of the fiscal year.
  • Opens up possibility of joint conference with KASL and KAECT
  • Always receive a boost to budget with influx of memberships just before conference
  • Timing better for vendors, since KLA would no longer be competing with much larger spring conferences such as Texas Library Association & Public Library Association

I voted ‘Yes.’ Motion passed. KLA will move to a fall conference in 2013, because we are already under contract for 2012 in Wichita.  My apologies for not reaching out to the PLS membership sooner on this issue.  I anticipated that we would have the opportunity to poll PLS membership with the survey we have planned for next month before a decision would be made.

  • Maybe have an interim or virtual conference between April 2012 and fall 2013? Issue to be considered at a later date.

(1)   Election procedure – will use Avectra to distribute ballots; members will download ballot, vote and send back via email attachment. Nominating committee will certify results.

(1)   Nominating committee slate for 2011 election:

  • 2ndVice-President
    • Matt Upson, Director Library Services, McPherson College
    • Melany Wilks, Director, Pioneer Memorial Library, Colby
    • Cathy Reeves, Director, Dodge City Public Library
    • MPLA Representative
      • Dan Ireton, Hale Library, KSU
      • Mickey Coalwell, NEKLS
      • ALA Representative
        • Rob Banks, Topeka Shawnee County Public Library
        • Treasurer
          • Candi Hemel, Director, Cimarron City Library

(2)   Best Small Library Program, Service or Activity – new annual award; information to be shared at conference for the first award to be bestowed at 2012 conference

(3)   KPLACE Roundtable given notice for possible disbanding.  Bylaws note that if a section or roundtable fall below a minimum membership it may be disbanded.  KLA plans to give notice to sections and roundtables in jeopardy to give them the opportunity to recruit additional members.

(4)   Conference report – Royce Kitts

  • putting pieces together to be ready; web site up in a few days; speakers finalized; mock interviews for students being set up
  • virtual conference – 5 virtual sessions approximately for the same price as a 1-day registration
    • library displays
    • library signage
    • big picture discussion of electronic resources
    • presentation by keynote speaker Jamie LaRue
    • easy advocacy for everyone
    • KLA Educational Foundation activities – Marie Pyko
      • Trivia Night (on Thurs. eve.) – fundraiser to be held after exhibit event
      • Baskets

(5)   Governmental Affairs – Roger Carswell

  • State budget – 5% reduction; state aid – 6.5% reduction
  • Kan-ed bill to be introduced
  • Jo Budler reappointed as State Librarian

PLS Finance Report FY 2010

Here is our section finance report for FY 2010. We will be receiving updates on a quarterly basis and I will forward them. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.
Ken Werne, PLS Chair

PLS Finance Report FY10

Documents from KLA Membership Meeting via OPAL – 8/2

Well, I have finally taken the time to figure out how to upload files on a WordPress post. Here are the documents shared at the KLA Membership Meeting earlier this month. Sorry for the delay. Please let me know if you have any questions and I can find answers for your.
Ken Werne, PLS Chair