KLA Membership Meeting OPAL 8/2/2010

Even with a little technical difficulty at my end, I managed to be present at almost the whole meeting. Total attendees for the meeting: 32

Cynthia Berner Harris, Treasurer’s reports:
• Budget review 2009-2010 vs. 2010-2011
• Fiscal Year 2010 Budget Report – final deficit $7,727.34
• KLA and Section and Roundtable Assets Report
o all assets reside in the same checking account; transactions will not be going back and forth between KLA and sections and roundtables in the future to avoid some of the confusion that occurred in the past.
o Sections and roundtables can receive detailed account reports on a periodic basis. I plan to start with a request for quarterly reports for PLS.
o 60-day operating reserve required
• Fiscal Year 2011 Budget

Emily Sitz gave a report and her observations on the 2010 Conference.

Due to the Association’s current condition, rather than try to produce a strategic plan this year, Emily Sitz has formed three study teams to get KLA on a stronger footing.
• Organization Model – Rob Banks, Chair
• Finance – Cynthia Berner Harris, Chair
• Benefits of Membership – Cindi Hickey, Chair

Royce Kitts introduced the new KLA web site at http://www.kslibassoc.org/home

Advocacy – hope to expand beyond legislative day and include some grassroots work with local government, local bodies. See results of Snapshot Day at http://www.snapshotkansas.com

Royce Kitts gave a brief report on 2011 Conference – will be held at Topeka Capitol Plaza Hotel, April 6-8, 2011. He noted technology costs will be rolled into the meal minimum, which will make it much easier to avoid any out-of-pocket costs.

ALA Councilor – Rob Banks – watch for his updates on his blog at http://www.tscpl.org/kalac. Activity tends to increase just before, during and just after ALA Annual and Midwinter.

As soon as I figure out how to attach documents or find somewhere to park documents so that you can access them, I will post the reports mentioned above.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Ken Werne, Chair


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