KLA Council Meeting – July 15, 2010 – Highlights

Hello! Fellow Public Library Section Members!

I wanted to start the year by taking to heart Emily Sitz’s, our KLA President’s, goal to be more transparent about KLA business.  So here are highlights from the first meeting of the year. 

(1)   Minutes from April 8, 2010 meeting approved.

2)   Minutes from June 30, 2010 special meeting of the Executive Committee with KLA Council – highlights:

  • Cynthia Berner Harris thanked many people involved in reviewing KLA finances, in offering opinions & ideas and in maneuvering QuickBooks including Finance Committee members, Heather Collins and Rosanne Siemens, current Executive Committee members, Laura Loveless, Denise Smith, Emily Sitz, Royce Kitts, and Joyce Armstrong and incoming officers Cindy Hickey and Mickey Coalwell and others including Bonnie Keim and Laura DeBaun.
  • Other highlights from Cynthia’s report and budget proposal:
    • 2009-2010 budget ends with $9,244.52 deficit, substantially lower than $20,000 estimate at conference in April.
    • Although necessary to rely on section and roundtable assets to offset majority of shortfall, the amount can be programmed into 2010-2011 budget for quick and complete reimbursement. [red font is my emphasis]
    • Upgraded Quick Books will provide more regular financial reports to sections and roundtables and association as a whole.
    • End of year projections for 2010-2011 are conservative projections for receipts and expenditures
    • Use Quick Books to reorganize financial records to make it easier to track revenue and expenses and provide budget status reports to everyone.
    • 2010-2011 budget – of greatest importance a budget line for repayment of loans from sections and roundtables that is larger than anticipated year-end shortfall.
      • Cautious projections for membership levels and conference revenues
      • Not return to a full-time Exec. Dir.; instead maintain admin. asst. at 12 hours per week + some extra hours for conference-related tasks
  • Final motion – “money required to offset current year losses be borrowed from non-conference funds of sections and roundtables at rates proportional to the % of each group’s portion of the unit assets held by KLA.” Passed unanimously.
  • Emily Sitz announced that a general membership meeting will be scheduled after the July council meeting to provide an update on the budget, membership drive and more. In addition, to the four regularly scheduled council meetings, additional online meetings will be scheduled to encourage more transparency of KLA business and provide access to meetings to more members.

(3)   Treasurer’s Report – information from June 30 meeting shared with new council. 

(4)   Other business included discussions on 2011 conference, fall Snap Shot Day in November during Kansas Reads to Preschoolers, tour of new webpage http://kslibassoc.org/home/ , memo of understanding with KLA Education Foundation and some section and roundtable reports. 

(5)   Emily Sitz shared her goals for 2010-2011.  She is setting up study teams to develop a financial plan for KLA, to investigate possible new organizational models for KLA and to develop a list of benefits of membership in KLA for individuals and institutions.

Please let me know if you have any questions about anything discussed during the meeting.

Ken Werne, Chair, Public Library Section


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