Laura Loveless – Leadership in Tough Times

Laura is the Past President of the Kansas Library Association.

The Kansas City, Kansas Public Library invited Cynthia to speak at their Management meeting to give a pep talk when the Library realized that staff would need to be cut as part of their budget cuts.  From 138 to 108 and then had the 3 busiest months on record for the entire system.  Next up, a strategic planning process…also inspired by Cynthia’s visit.

Her new motto from Cynthia’s presentation:  Challenge is an opportunity that we have not asked for, by Stephen Covey

Make your decisions in the best interest of the organizations, no matter how hard they are…

Try not to be on the receiving end of an attorney’s finger – KLA learned that changes were needed to be compliant with IRS tax law!

(Laura still dreams of a Reader’s Advisory section for the KLA Web site…but she focused on paperwork and business.)

KLA sort of started over with the move from Hutchison to Topeka – Caroline and Bonnie set the stage for record keeping!  Sections and Roundtables have been asked to file paperwork and do what the accountant says…


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