A Message from Toni

Toni Boyles, speaking Friday, October 2 at the 2009 PLS Fall Retreat, kindly recorded an Audio Postcard for your entertainment and enjoyment.  Have a Listen!

Registration ends Thursday, September 24. 
Register Here
or download the 2009 PLS Registration Fall Retreat Form and fax it to Rosanne at: (785) 580-4595.

Also on the 2009 Agenda:

  • Governmental Affairs Committee and Library Legislative Days update with Royce Kitts and Gail Santy
  • Librarianship in Tough Times with Cynthia Berner Harris
  • KLA Update  with Laura Loveless
  • No cost, Low cost solutions panel with Tom Taylor, Leah Krotz and Gail Santy
  • Helping Job Seekers with Terry Miller (and guest)
  • Field trip to Andover Public Library (with a fall festival in the park next door)
  • Human Resources Management in Tough Times with Toni Boyles
  • Restoring Hope to the Future, a benediction of sorts with Rosanne Siemens

We Can Do It!


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