Fall Retreat Early Bird Registration closing soon!

Need some fresh ideas for helping your patrons through these difficult times?

Need some fresh ideas for helping yourself through these difficult times?

Register now for the Public Library Section 2009 Fall Retreat “We Can Do It! Thriving in Tough Times” to be held October 1 and 2, Thursday and Friday, at the Spiritual Life Center in Wichita.

We will open the retreat with Cynthia Berner Harris, Director, Wichita Public Library, talking about “Librarianship in Tough Times.”

There will be two panel discussions covering no cost and low cost solutions and how we help our customers find jobs. The evening program will be a field trip to Andover Public Library to see this new green, energy-efficient library.

The following day Toni Boyles’ talk will be ”Human Resources Management in Tough Times.” She will tell us how to motivate our employees, how to manage stress, and how to give hard messages when we need to.

The cost for the retreat is $80 for KLA-PLA members and $115 for non-members until August 14. On August 15 the price increases to $90 for KLA-PLA members and $130 for non-members. PLS membership is $10. The registration price includes all meals.

Lodging is extra but still a bargain at $40 for a shared room with twin beds. The cost of a single room is $55.

We currently have 32 registrations which is a cozy little group but I think Toni’s message will be useful to many more members and non-members who are in management, serving patrons, and struggling in these tough times.

Register by going to the KLA website and click on 2009 PLS Fall RetreatEarly Bird Registration Open.


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