KLA/MPLA Conference – Be the Change!

Today and tomorrow, librarians from across the state and across the region are on their way to Wichita for the Kansas Library Association/Mountain Plains Library Association joint conference!

We will post highlights here, along with photos and other fun tid bits – all tagged #klapmpla

Public Library Section proudly sponsors the pre-conference “Listening to the Future of Reading: Readers’ Advisory and Audiobooks.”

For those of you signed up for the PLS Business Meeting and Breakfast, here’s the basic agenda:

  • Welcome and Approval of the Agenda – Sharon Moreland, Section Chair
  • Minutes of the 2008 Meeting – Ruth Rodden, Section Vice-Chair
  • Introduction of New Officers – Sharon Moreland
    • Ruth Rodden, Chair
    • Ken Werne, Vice-Chair/Chair Elect
    • Gail Santy, Secretary
  • Financial and Membership
    • Members – 126
    • Financial Statement (July 1 – Feb 28, 2009) – $4,253.78
    • Kan-ed Subsidy received March 2009 – $1,000
    • Budget for 2009-2010
  • Section Activities
  • Legislative Update
  • Strategic Planning Discussion – 2009 PLS Planning Discussion Guide

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