Library Camp Kansas

Today I’m in my home town of Manhattan for the 2009 Unconference hosted by the Hale Library at Kansas State University.  Kudos to Jason, Joshua and Erin for organizing this year’s event.  I’ve put my name in for a lightning round to talk about Jing and our NExpress and KLOW videos.  I’m interested to hear what others talk about.  For more informal info, visit (Sharon’s tech blog)

Lightning Rounds:

Libraryh3lp Hale’s IM Reference (Danielle) – looks like Meebo, but allows multiple operators, chat transfers and file transfers.  The State Library uses it, too.

Animoto 30 sec trailer movies (Heidi) Upload from anywhere, pick your music, transitions.

Pre-proxy links to library databases – Cool Tools link on (LinkIt)  Links work off-campus – keeps authentication intact.

StumbleUpon Easy way to find new web sites to visit based on a field of interest.

SlideShare (Independence public library) – Easy way to put a ppt on the Web.

Erin – – Free up to 30 people, txt polling and responds in real time.  Set it up, create a web link – make the kids use their cell phones.  Fun for training sessions to get feedback.

Discussion Topics:

  • 23 Things project for Kansas based on the WebJunction/Maintain IT summit – Cindi Hickey (and David King and Brenda Hough)
  • OpenSource – A librarian from Australia is leading this…how International of us. (Hemi)
  • iPhone – mobile access now!
  • Dead End Technologies – Eric Gustafson
  • Interactive Web sites – Widgetry
  • PR Campaign – Wyoming example (407)


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