Live. Work. Serve.

Stephanie Vance, Advocacy Guru, entertained us while informing us about being an advocate at today’s keynote.  Oh and I am now famous by association, as she has had Nancy Pelosi in her car.  10,000 bills are introduced in a session of Congress, 4% passes and of those 33.3% are about renaming post offices and Federal buildings.  Who’d a guessed.  The process is slow and inefficient on purpose so that only those bills that are full of compromise are passed. 

Why should a legislator care about us?  Because we live, work, and serve as and for constituents in their district. – “Representatie democracy relfects and amplifies the POWER of the grassroots.” 

How do we ask?  Establish relevance, outline the Ask, Frame the message, Make it personal, Reiterate the Ask and Follow-up!  Persistence is the silver bullet of advocacy.  “persistence can grind an iron beam down into a needle.”

Repeat after me, “Legislator, will you support $250,000 for library courier service in Kansas?”


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