Fall Retreat Wrap-Up Meeting

On a rainy October 17, we met Watermark Books in Wichita to review the 2007 Fall Retreat and plan for the 2008 Kansas Library Conference and 2009 Fall Retreat.

Present: Denise Smith, Ruth Rodden, Marie Pyko, Kim Beets, Rosanne Siemens, Cathy Newland and Sharon Moreland

After discussing the evaluation forms (quotes and highlights below), we decided to have a 2-day, one-topic retreat at the Spiritual Life Center in October 2009.  The date has not been confirmed, but hope to have the retreat on Thursday, October 8 and Friday, October 9. 

In response to the suggestions from the Retreat Evaluations, PLS will sponsor a presenter at the 2008 KLA Conference to cover topics associated with personnel management, such as learning styles, personality profiles, personnel law and dealing with difficult people.

PLS will also sponsor a Breakfast Business Meeting on Friday, April 11 at the 2008 KLA Conference.

Officers serve from July 1 to June 30.  Nominations to be sent on an e-mail ballot are:

  • Chair – Sharon Moreland
  • Vice-Chair – Ruth Rodden
  • Secretary – Ken Werne

And now for the good stuff – the Retreat Evaluation Quotables:

  • Mary is an enthusiastic presenter that makes you look at things in a new way.
  • Invite Mary Bushing for 3 days!! Nothing could have been better – just more time for all discussions, including those breakout table conversations.
  • Nice not to have TV/radio.
  • Excellent, affirming information for work and real life.
  • I am anxious to get back and start and “finish” several projects.  Was extremely useful and informative – lots of ideas to use!

Suggestions for Change:

  • A place to check E-mail
  • More specific/focused subject
  • Hourly stretch breaks

Suggestions for future PLS Topics:

  • Grant opportunities, Budgets and alternative funding
  • Bond issues and how to pass them
  • Team building in Library Boards
  • Reader’s Advisory
  • Time Management
  • Broadband issues
  • Staffing, human resource management, organizational changes and patterns, staff development,
  • Collection development
  • Publicity for libraries
  • Customer service
  • Developing libraries as community centers
  • Open source ILS
  • “Defending Access with Confidence”
  • Meetings

Respectfully submitted by: Sharon Moreland


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