Thank you for your support (day 2, last post)

And reading this…

Extra Special Thanks to Dr. Grandma, I mean Mary Bushing.  This was an amazing two-days with a lot of great information and laughs.

Jean Hatfield for hosting Mary

Gina Millsap, Patti Butcher, Vikki Jo Stewart and Marc Galbraith for their presentations

Hans Fischer for assisting with a talk table.

Rosanne Siemens for preparing and facilitating the Wednesday evening broadband/technology discussion at the Evergreen Branch of the Wichita Public Library.

Spiritual Life Center staff

Fall Retreat Committee:

Marie Pyko, Denise Smith, Sharon Moreland, Kim Beets, Cathy Newland, Ken Werne, Rosanne Siemens and Ruth Rodden

Contact any of us if you are interested in helping with the Public Library Section!  We have fun doing all this work…

And the winners were:  Robin Clark, Terri Harley, Jessica Wiens, Hans Fischer, Carol Barta, Nancy Malone, Vikki Jo Stewart and Donice Wilkerson


2 Responses to “Thank you for your support (day 2, last post)”

  1. Micaela Ayers Says:

    Wow, great summary.

    Really enjoyed the State Library news. And the whole definition of project. Thanks for sharing with the library community!

  2. Brenda Says:

    Thank YOU for writing this! It’s been great to read all of it. Sounds like a very worthwhile event.

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