State Library of Kansas (day 2, post 3)

State Libary Presentation

Book-related Initiatives (Vikki Jo)

  • Kansas Center for the Book (
    • Kansas Reads to Preschoolers – “Three Books, One State” – Safety theme
    • It’s time to call 911Board book with a “small irritation”
    • Do Kangaroos Do Seatbelts – author coming to Kansas
    • Look Both Ways – author coming to Kansas
  • Notable Books Program 
    • Lovely medal, 2nd year for the project, all but two authors will be at the Kansas Book Festival, stickers for the front of those books (e-mail Vikki Jo for 10 or so)
  • Letters about Literature (
    • National letter-writing program, where kids write to authors who are important to their lives
  • A Fourth Point – Vikki Jo says that Vick’s vapor rub in the creme “absolutely works” on scaly heels…her panty hose last much longer now…plus it smells nice.  (We decided that Vikki needs a gift certificate for a pedicure.)

Goals for the State Library – Patti

  • How can we better serve our customers?  Remove barriers for the customer
  • One-stop shopping model
  • Inclusive of all library types – nix vendors that don’t accommodate ALL libraries in the state
  • Customized
  • Customer Driven
  • Equality of Access and Resources – our tax $$ pays for it, so we had all better have access to it!
  • User-friendly
  • As Accessible as Amazon!

Why? – lots of cute pictures of libraries in the state…

How are we meeting our Goals?

  • Statewide Databases – contracts die next year, stable pricing goes away, will need to re-bid, how will we decide what to keep?  what new databases will be added?  asking for additional databases…
  • New State Library Web site – December Debut (Librarians love to search, customers love to Find) – many pages moving from Blue Skyways (local stuff, genealogy) – Databases, catalog, resources on new Web site –
    Oone Search with grouped results
  • New and Improved Kansas Library Card – Lasts 3 years, not one!  Quova (?) – new geolocation software to analyze IP addresses and locations, so you will no longer need to authenticate (except for audiobooks)!! (December debut is the plan)
  • Audiobooks, Music & More – Very well used.  Some max access titles checked out over 4 times. Language courses! Science videos for kids.
  • Virtual Kansas Library Catalog – New Z39.50 target – Johnson County and coming soon KU and KSU libraries.  The KLC will be a hybrid catalog, where a search looks at both the KLC database and these other library databases/catalogs simultaneously.  Will save $$ spent on duplicate OCLC records.
  • Patron Initiated ILL – Coffey County Library is the pilot.  System can help a library set this up.
  • Web Junction
  • Automation Grants to Regional systems – KohaZoon, Swiftnet, Liblime, NExpress, SWKLS and CKLS
  • Summits & Task Forces – broadband summit, ILDP (Nov. 1), databases, Talking Books, etc.
  • Libraries have a vital role as…Community centers, promoting reading, supporting lifelong learning, (see presentation, she moved to the next slide too fast for me)
  • What can you do for your Customers?  Letter to the editor about HomeworkKansas, promote the audiobook collection, take a WebJunction course, turn on patron ILL

HomeworkKansas – Mark

  • Real, live homework help – one Kansas student talking online with one live tutor.  “Speaks to individual student needs.”
  • Easy to use – any student can go to and use their existing or new KLC number to access this. 
  • Comments: “I think this homework tutor project is a great idea.”  “This is the best thing on the Internet.”  “The white board thing is cool.”  “I would recommend this to anyone.”  “This is cool.”  “Jessica helped me so much, I feel I should get an A+.  Sweet.” 
  • Over 20,000 sessions logged the 1st year.
  • Challenge :: The NEED to tell more students about it.  Promotion and advertising budget is ZERO.  Send out more press releases, write pieces for newsletters, Web site links, posters and flyers to share (say with the PTA), business cards – print your own from the Web site
  • Easy “dog and pony show” to take to teacher in-services and PTA meetings.
  • School libraries – are they promoting this, too?  Even if they can’t access it during school hours.  School librarians can issue cards!

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