Why Project management? Part 2 (day 1, post 5)


:: Increase productivity
:: Get things done on time
:: Stay on budget (zero-based budget) 
:: Reduce risks
:: Provide appropriate degree of quality (most of us aren’t cataloging for a research collection and don’t need a perfect bibliographic record…do mass market paperbacks really need to be covered?  does every book need a mylar cover?) 
:: Provide constant information. You need a cheerleader outfit and a whip.  ‘multilevels of achievement’ – rah rah

Look at the cost of something up front – what is the benefit to our customers? Take time to do a cost-benefit analysis.  Mary says:  How much does that management meeting cost you every week and what do you use that time to accomplish?  share information?  why can’t you read it?  are you building team spirit or just frustration?  bring people together when there is real work to do! what can we do to make things better for our customers?  What are things costing us and what is the payoff?  (workshop on meetings.) 

Mary aside:  Technology has done funny things to our sense of time, such as faxing and email versus post-marking a grant through the mail.

“Project management can help identify the right road to take especially when traveling fast and faced with a series of on and off ramps with various degrees of risk.” – Look at quality issues and at how time is money!

Project management is problem solving on a large scale and it incorporates four management areas (time, money, people and information).

Time for the Talk Tables…after a nice 15 minute break.


One Response to “Why Project management? Part 2 (day 1, post 5)”

  1. Christie Says:

    Thanks for taking the time to blog this great conference! It is great for those of us who aren’t able to attend!

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