Project Management with Mary (or Dr. Grandma) (day 1, post 3)

Bushing Project Management – The Powerpoint Presentation, too bad her humor doesn’t come through on this.

If your are going to begin a personal project, say cleaning out the closet…what do you need to do to prepare?  Before starting a project, you need to think about the project before you begin.  what do you need?  how will you do it?  are you in the right mood?  Then you need to be committed to it. 

Projects at work – we don’t always transfer the skills from our pesonal life to our work life!  We wil identify those skills, give them names and determine what skills we need to improve.  She promises that we’ll learn to apply some of the concepts or ‘virtues’ of project management to other aspects of library work, such as deciding up front how good does it have to be?!  How much needs to be done before you declare the project done?

Did you know list making and calendars are considered a project management tools?

Are your large print books in the darkest, farthest corner of the library?  Project?  Yes! Let’s move the large print books.  Mary delegated that one to Laura at NEKLS…all of the thoughts, problems, considerations, etc. are included.

Ok, all that was just the introduction and goals…


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