Wednesday Night Fun

Wednesday Night, September 19, Fall Retreat attendees are invited to the Evergeen Branch of the Wichita Public Library for a short video and lively discussion about the state of libraries in America, facilitated by Rosanne Siemens.  Popcorn and treats will be provided.

Public libraries have been a major part of American life and culture for over a century.  As America and Americans have evolved, so have our libraries. 


Technology now plays a major role in our lives, and consequently has changed the face of service to the public in our public libraries.  Our libraries not only proved books, magazines, and newspapers, but public libraries have become essential in providing computers, database access, and other current technologies to people in the communities who use their public library. 


It is astounding to realize what libraries across our nation and in Kansas have accomplished in the last 15 years as a result of the Internet and advanced technologies.  This is a realtively short time!  Today 99% of all public libraries in America provid free Internet Access.  And, librarians have made these tremendous strides in service with very little. 


This video will look at issues and ideas public libraries are faced with in Keeping Your Community Connected – Why Our Public Libraries Need Technology.  Everyone can do something to help our public libraries continue to give all Americans access to knowledge through technology.  Keeping Your Community Connected looks at making sure YOUR library not only survives, but thrives in today’s world of technology.


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