Dr. Bushing’s Program Description

Intended Audience: Those leading or participating in projects as well as those assigning projects to others 

If you’re involved in anyway with a project now, or if you may be in the future, this workshop is for you!  The kind of project doesn’t matter – it could be bringing up a new ILS, shifting the stacks, redesigning library services, facilities or organizations, doing a serials reduction process, moving the library, weeding the collections, or anyone of a thousand possible library projects.  

You’ll learn practical tips and ideas to help ensure your success – and sanity – during projects.  Find out what really matters for project success, and how you can most easily accomplish your project goals. 

Workshop goals include:         

  • Identify how & why projects differ from other work
  • Define key elements of all projects
  • Understand the following: 
    • Tools that might assist you 
    • The importance of timelines
    • The three major variables of projects
    • Why it is necessary to compromise on at least one of the key variables 
  • How to establish realistic expectations for projects 
  • Identify what already works well for you & what does not work for you   
  • Have a good time while learning

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