2013 Survey Results

In September, 2013, a survey was sent to all PLS members. Twenty-nine members responded. Here are the results of the survey.


Proposed By-Law Changes

PLS will consider some by-law changes at our 2013 annual meeting. Please see the suggested changes: PLS By laws – Proposed Changes.

2013 Spring Retreat – Cancelled

April 10–

9:00        Registration begins

10:00     “Talkin’ to the Man: How to Talk to Your City Government” – Kelly Fann, Director, Tonganoxie Public Library and Robert Peter, City Administrator, Ellinwood
Do you cringe every time you have to approach your governing body? Learn how to make those conversations “Win-Win.”

11:00     Kansas Legislative Issues — Jennie Rose, KLA Legislative Liaison and Gail Santy, Chair, KLA Governmental Affairs Committee

11:45     Lunch

1:15        Unconference – Three sessions to be determined by participant interest

4:45        “What If It Isn’t Working Out?” — Stephen Lusk, Human Resources Director at Topeka Shawnee County Library
With many years of experience in Human Resources, Stephan Lusk is an expert on dealing with working relations (and “not working” relations).  This kind and gentle soul, who gets tough when he needs to be, will share with you the steps needed to successful handle problem employees.

5:30        Dinner

Evening events planned by PLS committee: Lee Dobratz, Julie Hildebrand, Sharon Ailsleiger

April 11–

8:00        Breakfast

9:00        “The ‘New’ Face of Mentoring” — Patti Poe, NEKLS Continuing Education Coordinator
What we’ve learned about mentoring in the last 20 years can help you be more successful, confident, and satisfied in your own career – while also supporting your colleagues and your own library organization. Join us for a fun, interactive AND reflective session guaranteed to change the way you think about mentoring.

11:00     “Border Relations” — Jennifer Cook, Kristin Soper, and Karen Allen, Lawrence Public Library
The Lawrence Public Library is exiled in an old Borders building while a new library is being constructed. Hear about how they kept their community engaged with daily deals while they were closed for two weeks to relocate and how they have partnered with local organizations and businesses in an effort to provide stellar service while on the move.

12:00     Lunch

Retreat begins with registration 9 am Wednesday & ends after lunch on Thursday.

Cost for PLS members: $75 for shared room or $80 single room

Non—members: $85 for shared room or $100 single room


Sign—up on KLA online store: http://kslibassoc.org

**Join us for Networking, Learning , and Fun!**

Annual filings for KLA

Document #4 – Minutes from annual breakfast/business meeting

With a big THANKS! to Diana Weaver for recording them….

PLS Business Meeting Minutes 2011

Documents #2 and #3 promised at Conference – membership survey

2010-2011 KLA-PLS Budget YTD